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Accounting I

Chapter 1

Starting A Proprietorship

Chapter 2

Analyzing Transactions into Debit and Credit Parts

Chapter 3

Journalizing Transactions

Chapter 4

Posting to a General Ledger

Chapter 5

Cash Control Systems

Chapter 6

Work Sheet and Adjusting Entries for a Service Business

Chapter 7

Financial Statements for a Proprietorship

Chapter 8

Recording Closing Entries and Preparing a Post-Closing Trail Balance

Chapter 9

Accounting for Purchases and Cash Payments

Chapter 10

Accounting for Sales and Cash Receipts

Chapter 11

Accounting for Transactions Using a General Jounral

Chapter 12

Preparing Payroll Records

Chapter 13

Accounting for Payroll and Payroll Taxes

Chapter 14

Accounting for Uncollectable Accounts Receivable

Chapter 15

Preparing Adjusting Entries and a Trial Balance

Chapter 16

Financial Statements and Closing Entries for a Corporation

Chapter 17

Financial Statement Analysis